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Mae's Meat Market is one of the top restaurants in Eastland - just ask the critics and our regular customers. We combine culinary delights with style and personal flair to create a unique experience every time you visit us. We strive to make each visit satisfying and memorable.

Mae’s Meat Market has been a dream of Kevin and Kay Plowman Riffle’s for many years.  Kevin having begun in the meat business while in high school has continued this journey his entire adult life.  He started out while in high school working for Doyle and Lavern Maynard at Super Save Grocery on Seaman Street.  The building is no longer there but the memories of us Eastlandites lives on.  He then went to work at a local meat market where he worked for 32 years.  Throughout this entire time, his dream was to one day own and operate his own meat market.

Kay on the other hand, had no experience in the restaurant business.  She worked at the fountain for Central Drug in Eastland for about a year and that is the extent of food preparing for the public for her.   Having grown up with “Miss Ann” to many but Grandmommy to her, she watched and learned how to prepare the Southern dishes, that she was famous for preparing. Her mother also played a very important role in teaching her how to cook.   As a kid, she had pretend restaurants behind their house and had her little kitchen and dining area set up.  Cooking was not just a hobby but a real passion to her.  She always dreamed of owning her own restaurant and sharing her mother and grandmother’s recipes   that she still has and cherishes to this day.  It is those recipes that she prepares at Mae’s today.

After a tragic wreck with Kay’s husband, the family was suddenly without a way to make a living.  Kay did not want anyone but her taking care of her husband Mitch and therefore, hunting a way to provide for the family and keep Mitch close by was something the family had to approach.  Kay and Kevin  together and decided to combine their lifelong dreams and open a meat market that would provide fresh and high quality meat to the public while supplying fresh ground meat for the restaurant.

Our favorite part of the day is going out and meeting the customers, finding out where they are from and visiting with old and new friends.  We feel less like a business but a great big family.  Our customers are very special and we stand behind everything we sell and prepare!

Our future goal is to reach more people and keep doing what we are doing now, making new friends while service the public with the best meat and food around.   

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